Philips TV

The philips_js platform allows you to control Philips TVs which expose the jointSPACE API. Instructions on how to activate the API and if your model is supported can be found here.

To add your TV to your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: philips_js

Configuration variables:

  • host (Required): IP address of TV.
  • name (Optional): The name you would like to give to the Philips TV.
  • turn_on_action (Optional): A script that will be executed to turn on the TV (can be used with wol).
  • api_version (Optional): The JointSpace API version of your Philips TV, defaults to 1. This is an experimental option and not all the functionalities are guaranteed to work with API versions different from 1 and 5.

When using api_version: 5 changing sources switches tv channels. Additionally this allows setting the volume level.

# Example configuration.yaml with turn_on_action        
  - platform: philips_js
      service: wake_on_lan.send_magic_packet
        mac: aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff