The onkyo platform allows you to control a Onkyo and some recent Pioneer receivers from Home Assistant. Please be aware that you need to enable “Network Standby” for this component to work in your Hardware.

To add an Onkyo or Pioneer receiver to your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: onkyo
    name: receiver
      pc: 'HTPC'

Configuration variables:

  • host (Optional): IP address of the device. Example: If not specified, the platform will load any discovered receivers.
  • name (Required if host is specified): Name of the device.
  • sources (Optional): A list of mappings from source to source name. Valid sources can be found below. A default list will be used if no source mapping is specified.

List of source names:

  • video1
  • video2
  • video3
  • video4
  • video5
  • video6
  • video7
  • dvd
  • bd-dvd
  • tape1
  • tv-tape
  • tape2
  • phono
  • cd
  • tv-cd
  • fm
  • am
  • tuner
  • dlna
  • internet-radio
  • usb
  • network
  • universal-port
  • multi-ch
  • xm
  • sirius