Intergas InComfort

The incomfort integration links Home Assistant with your Intergas Lan2RF gateway for controlling water_heater devices (the hub does not have to be in the same network as HA).

The Water Heater device will report back the state and temperature. Other properties are available via the device’s attributes.

In the future, other entities will be added to this integration (e.g. a Sensor for CV pressure, and a Climate device for room temperature).


To add your Lan2RF gateway into your Home Assistant installation, add one of the following to your configuration.yaml file.

# Example configuration.yaml entry, older firmware with no user credentials
  host: IP_ADDRESS

Alternatively, if a username & password is printed on the back of the gateway:

# Example configuration.yaml entry, newer firmware with user credentials
  host: IP_ADDRESS
  username: USERNAME
  password: PASSWORD

Configuration Variables


(string)(Required)The hostname/IP address of the Lan2RF gateway


(string)(Inclusive)The username of the Lan2RF gateway


(string)(Inclusive)The password of the Lan2RF gateway