HomematicIP Cloud

The HomematicIP component platform is used as an interface to the cloud server. Since there is no official documentation about this API, everything was done via reverse engineering. The homematicip-rest-api is used for communicating. Use at your own risk.

There is currently support for the following device types within Home Assistant:

  • Alarm
  • Binary Sensor
  • Climate
  • Cover
  • Light
  • Sensor
  • Switch

Setup the component via the frontend

Menu: Configuration -> Integrations

Fill the form:

  • Your access point ID (SGTIN)
  • Optional a name to identify your access point, this will be used to prefix your device names.

The authentification token will be generated and stored internally.

Setup the component using the configuration files

Generate the authentication token:


Add the information to your configuration.yaml file:

  - accesspoint: IDENTIFIER
    authtoken: AUTHTOKEN
  - name: Location2
    accesspoint: IDENTIFIER2
    authtoken: AUTHTOKEN2

Configuration Variables


(string)(Optional)Name to identify your access point, this will be used to prefix your device names.


(string)(Required)This is the access point ID (SGTIN).


(string)(Required)Authentication token generated with generate_auth_token.py.

Implemented and tested devices

  • homematicip_cloud.alarm_control_panel
    • Security zones (HmIP-SecurityZone)
  • homematicip_cloud.binary_sensor
    • Window and door contact (HmIP-SWDO, -I)
    • Rotary Handle Sensor (HmIP-SRH)
    • Smoke sensor and alarm (HmIP-SWSD)
    • Motion detectors (HmIP-SMI)
    • Water detector (HmIP-SWD)
  • homematicip_cloud.climate
    • Radiator thermostat (HmIP-eTRV,-2) - should also work with (HmIP-eTRV-2-UK, -B, -B1, -C)
    • Climate group (HmIP-HeatingGroup)
  • homematicip_cloud.light
    • Switch actuator and meter for brand switches (HmIP-BSM)
    • Dimming actuator for brand switches (HmIP-BDT)
    • Dimming actuator flush-mount (HmIP-FDT)
    • Switch Actuator and Meter – flush-mount (HmIP-FSM)
  • homematicip_cloud.sensor
    • Accesspoint duty-cycle (HmIP-HAP, -B1)
    • Wall-mounted thermostat (HmIP-WTH, -2)
    • Temperature and humidity sensor (HmIP-STH)
    • Temperature and humidity Sensor with display (HmIP-STHD)
    • Outdoor temperature and humidity sensor (HmIP-STHO, -A)
    • Illuminance sensor (HmIP-SMI)
  • homematicip_cloud.switch
    • Pluggable Switch (HmIP-PS)
    • Pluggable Switch and Meter (HmIP-PSM) - should also work with (HmIP-PSM-CH, -IT, -UK, -PE)
  • homematicip_cloud.shutter
    • Blind actuator for brand switches (HmIP-BBL)
    • Shutter actuator brand-mount (HmIP-BROLL)
    • Shutter actuator flush-mount (HmIP-FROLL)