Wink Binary Sensor

The Wink binary sensor platform allows you to get data from your Wink binary sensors.

The requirement is that you have setup Wink.

Supported Binary sensor devices

  • Smoke and CO detectors (No Wink hub required for Nest)
  • Window/Door sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • Ring Door bells (No hub required)
  • Liquid presence sensors
  • Z-wave lock key codes
  • Lutron connected bulb remote buttons
  • Wink Relay buttons and presence detection
  • Wink spotter loudness and vibration (No Wink hub required)
  • Wink hub devices connection status. This includes any paired hubs like Hue, Wink v1, Wink v2, Wink Relay…
  • Dropcam sensors

The above devices are confirmed to work, but others may work as well.