The Home Assistant for iOS app offers a companion app for iOS which is deeply integrated into both Home Assistant and iOS. Its basic features include:

  • Advanced push notifications
  • Location tracking
  • Basic control of all Home Assistant entities
  • Integration with third party apps

The app is available on the iOS App Store in every country that Apple supports.

Basic requirements

  • iOS device running at least iOS 9, but iOS 10 is greatly preferred.
  • Home Assistant 0.42.4 or higher for push notification support.
  • SSL is strongly recommended. Self-signed SSL certificates will not work due to Apple’s limitations.

The ios integration is the companion integration for the Home Assistant iOS app. While not required, adding the ios integration to your setup will greatly enhance the iOS app with new notification, location and sensor functions not possible with a standalone app.

Loading the ios integration will also load the device_tracker, zeroconf and notify platforms.

The Home Assistant for iOS app supports the new authentication system introduced in Home Assistant 0.77.


Automated Setup

The ios integration will automatically be loaded under the following circumstances:

  1. The discovery integration is enabled.
  2. You have just installed the app and are at the getting started screen.

Automated discovery and integration loading only happens at first install of the app. You may need to wait a few minutes for the iOS integration to load as the discovery integration only scans the network every 5 minutes.

After the first automated setup you need to add ios: to your configuration so that the integration loads by default even after restarting Home Assistant.

Manual Setup

You may also manually load the ios integration by adding the following to your configuration:

# Example configuration.yaml entry

Configuration Variables



Actionable push notifications configuration. See the actionable notifications documentation for more information.