Assist - Talking to Home Assistant

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Assist allows you to control Home Assistant using natural language. It is built on top of an open voice foundation and powered by knowledge provided by our community.

Assist is available to use on most platforms that can interface with Home Assistant. Look for the Assist icon Assist icon:

Want to use Home Assistant with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa? Get started with Home Assistant Cloud.

Assist on your phone

The easiest way to get started with Assist is by using it on your phone.

Voice assistant devices using Assist

Voice assistant devices allow you to add Assist to a room and respond to wake words. Follow our tutorial to create your own for just $13.

You can use ESPHome to create your own awesome voice assistant, like @piitaya did with his 3D printed R5 droid:

Assist on your watch

Assist is available on watches. On Wear OS watches you can set Assist as the default digital assistant or add the Assist tile or complication.

Assist on your analog phone

If you are interested in a voice assistant that is not always listening, consider using Assist on an analog phone. It will only listen when you pick up the horn, and the responses are for your ears only. Follow our tutorial to create your own analog phone voice assistant.

Custom wake words

Wake words allow you to activate Assist by saying an activation phrase instead of pressing a button. Learn how to configure a wake word.. There are predefined wake words, such as “OK Nabu”, but you can also define your own wake word

Create an assistant with an OpenAI personality

Want to talk to Super Mario? Or another figure? If you want Assist to respond in a fun way, you can create an assistant with an OpenAI personality.

Supported languages and sentences

Assist already supports a wide range of languages.

Use the built-in sentences to control entities and areas, or create your own sentences.

Did Assist not understand your sentence? Contribute them.

Assist was introduced in Home Assistant 2023.2.