Lovelace Changelog

Changes in 0.81.0

  • 📣 New card type: alarm-panel ❤️
  • 📣 New card type: thermostat ❤️
  • 📣 New card type: entity-button ❤️
  • 📣 glance card: can be themed
  • 📣 glance card: define columns within
  • 📣 [entity button]: can be themed
  • Long press is now supported
  • Update to allow the use of Custom UI. If you run into issues please disable Custom UI and test before reporting them. If the issue goes away without Custom UI please report this to the Custom UI developer as this is not officially supported.

Changes in 0.80.0

  • 📣 New card type: sensor ❤️
  • 📣 New card type: gauge ❤️

Changes in 0.77.0

  • 📣 New notification drawer ❤️

Changes in 0.75.0

Breaking changes

  • 📣 glance card: turn-on replaced with call-service

All changes

Changes in 0.74.0


  • 📣 Allow views with badges and no cards


Changes in 0.74.0b0


  • Add basic support for badges like in old view style
  • Custom cards now work with panel: true


Changes in 0.73.1

  • Setting Lovelace as default now updates Overview button to point to /lovelace
  • Allow setting background styles (global and per view)


  • 📣 New card: map that allows showing device_tracker entities on a map card
  • 📣 entities card card now support type: custom:state-card-custom for the entities list

Changes in 0.73.0


  • 📣 New button to show unused entities in Lovelace

Changes in 0.73.0b5

  • 🏁 Only minor fixes in this release

Changes in 0.73.0b4


Changes in 0.73.0b3


  • 📣 Added panel mode for a view to use the 1st card to fill the whole screen


Changes in 0.73.0b2

  • :zap: Went by too fast :zap:

Changes in 0.73.0b1


Changes in 0.73.0b0

  • 📣 New feature to allow Lovelace to be default for /


  • 📣 Now views have deep-links: /lovelace/3 will link to the tab with id 3
  • name renamed title to match cards setup
  • tab_icon renamed icon for simplicity


Changes in 0.72.1


  • 🐞 Bug introduced in glance card - titles now overlap
  • 📣 New card: iframe

Changes in 0.72

  • Initial release of the Lovelace UI