World Wide Lightning Location Network (WWLLN)

The wwlln integration displays lightning strike information from the World Wide Lightning Location Network (WWLLN).

Entities are generated, updated and removed automatically with each update from the feed. Each entity defines latitude and longitude and will be shown on the default map automatically, or on a map card by defining the source wwlln. The distance (in kilometers or miles, depending on your unit system) is available as the state of each entity.

New data is fetched every 10 minutes. Because data from the WWLLN may vary in terms of how real-time it is, the default window parameter is set to 1 hour to ensure that as many strikes are caught as possible.


To retrieve data from the WWLLN, edit your configuration.yaml file manually or use the “Integrations” feature in the GUI, you find it under Configurations - Integrations.

To manually add the component, add the following to your configuration.yaml:


Configuration Variables



The latitude you want to monitor; defaults to the value defined in configuration.yaml.



The longitude you want to monitor; defaults to the value defined in configuration.yaml.



The radius around your location to monitor; defaults to 25 km or mi (depending on the unit system defined in your configuration.yaml).



The amount of time before now for which strikes should be considered “active” and shown in the UI. Note that a window of less than 1 hour may cause Home Assistant to miss events.

Default value:

10 minutes

State Attributes

The following state attributes are available for each entity in addition to the standard ones:

Attribute Description
latitude Latitude of the lightning strike.
longitude Longitude of the lightning strike.
source wwlln to be used in conjunction with the geo_location automation trigger.
external_id The external ID used in the feed to identify the lightning strike in the feed.
publication_date Date and time when this event occurred.

Full Configuration

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  radius: 100
  latitude: 37.39
  longitude: -5.99