KNX Switch

The knx integration must be configured correctly to use this integration, see KNX Integration.

The knx switch platform is used as an interface to switching actuators.


To use your KNX switch in your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

  - platform: knx
    name: Kitchen.Coffee
    address: '1/1/6'

Configuration Variables


KNX group address for switching the switch on/off.

namestring(Optional, default: KNX Switch)

A name for this device used within Home Assistant.


Separate KNX group address for retrieving the switch state.

Some KNX devices can change their state internally without any messages on the KNX bus, e.g., if you configure a timer on a channel. The optional state_address can be used to inform Home Assistant about these state changes. If a KNX message is seen on the bus addressed to the given state address, this will overwrite the state of the switch object. For switching actuators that are only controlled by a single group address and can’t change their state internally, you don’t have to configure the state address.