Xiaomi Gateway Alarm

The xiaomi_miio alarm_control_panel platform allows you to control the state of your Xiaomi Gateway Alarm.

Please follow the instructions on Retrieving the Access Token to get the API token to use during configuration.


  • Turn on/off Alarm
  • See the status of Alarm (armed_away, disarmed, arming)


To set up the Xiaomi gateway, click Configuration in the sidebar, then click Integrations and then click the + icon in the lower right and find xiaomi_miio. Select the option “Connect to a Xiaomi Gateway” and click submit. You will then be presented with a form in which you will need to fill in the “IP address” and 32 characters “token”. Optionally, you can specify a different name for the gateway. After you click submit, you will have the opportunity to select the area that your devices are located.

Configuration Variables



The IP address of your Xiaomi gateway.



The API token of your Xiaomi gateway.



The name of your Xiaomi gateway.

Default value:

Xiaomi Gateway