This script was only use for 0.36 release cycle!

Starting with 0.36 the InfluxDB component has a new schema to store values in the InfluxDB databases.

  • There will no longer be any tags/fields named time.
  • All numeric fields (int/float/bool) will be stored as float inside InfluxDB database.
  • All string fields corresponding to state attributes will be renamed as FIELDNAME_str, where FIELDNAME is the state attribute, to avoid type conflicts.
  • All string fields corresponding to a state will be renamed as state (former value).
  • Fields named value will always be stored as float.
  • Fields named state will always be stored as string.

Migration script

If you need to migrate your database, you may require to run the influxdb_migrator script. Run the script after upgrade to 0.36 but before the first regular start of hass version 0.36.

These are the steps the script will perform:

  1. Create a new database (called DBNAME__old) to store old data.
  2. Copy data from DBNAME database to DBNAME__old database.
  3. Empty DBNAME database (using drop then create). DBNAME database is now considered as the new database.
  4. For each measurement of DBNAME__old database:
  5. Read all points from the current measurement (in groups of 1000 points by default) and convert them.
  6. Send group of points to DBNAME database.
  7. Delete the DBNAME__old database if needed.

Example to run the script:

$ hass --script influxdb_migrator \

Script arguments:

required arguments:
  -d dbname, --dbname dbname  InfluxDB database name

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -H host, --host host  InfluxDB host address
  -P port, --port port  InfluxDB host port
  -u username, --username username
                        InfluxDB username
  -p password, --password password
                        InfluxDB password
  -s step, --step step  How many points to migrate at the same time
  -o override_measurement, --override-measurement override_measurement
                        Store all your points in the same measurement
  -D, --delete          Delete old database
  • If you run the script with only the -h option, you will get a help printout with a short explanation of the different options.
  • The host option defaults to ''.
  • The port option defaults to 8086.
  • You should be able to omit username and password if InfluxDB authentication is disabled, which it is by default.
  • The step option defaults to 1000.