Filtering your assets

When working with tables, you can select multiple items to apply an action. If you have grouped items by assigning them to floors, areas, labels, or directories, you can also filter your data accordingly.

Selecting multiple items in a table

  1. In your table, select the Multiselect icon button.

    Screenshots point out the enable selection mode button in the toolbar of the tables in Home Assistant

  2. In the list, select the items of interest.

    Selecting multiple elements in a list

  3. You can now apply changes to all selected elements, such as applying labels or enabling or disabling entities and automations.

Filtering items in a table

You can filter a table so that only items matching certain criteria are shown.

  1. In the top left corner above the table, select the Filters button.

    Select the filter button

  2. In the filters panel, select your filter criteria.

    • You can filter for floors, areas, labels, and categories if you have previously defined them.
    • The list of available criteria depends on the type of table.

    Screenshots showing the filter panel that tables can have, allowing you to easily find what you are looking for

Grouping and sorting items in a table

You can group items in a table according to certain criteria. The number of shown items stays the same. No items will be hidden.

  1. In the top right above the table, select the Group by button.

  2. The items will be grouped according to the criteria you chose.

    • The list of available criteria depends on the type of table.
      • The example shows a list of devices, grouped by manufacturer.
      • In contrast, the entities table does not allow grouping by manufacturer, but by entity domains.

    Select the Group by button

  3. To sort the items, select the Sort by button.

  4. To get a better overview, you can collapse groups in the list.

    Collapse groups