Entity Registry

This is a new and experimental feature of Home Assistant.

Starting with version 0.63, Home Assistant keeps a registry of known entities. The entity registry makes sure that entities get unique identifiers and allow customizing the identifiers and names of these entities.

As this is still a very new part of Home Assistant, changes will require a restart of Home Assistant to take effect. A config user interface will be added in a future version.

An entity needs to have a unique ID to be registered in the entity registry. Not all integrations currently provide a unique id for their entities.

The entity registry is stored in <config>/entity_registry.yaml. As a user, you are unable to add entries, only update them. Here is an example file:

  platform: nest
  unique_id: EPoMyWkpNyoYu3pGlmGxabcdefghijkl
  name: Downstairs thermostat
  platform: hue
  unique_id: f0:fe:6b:00:14:00:00:00-00
  disabled_by: user

As a user, you can change the entity_id and add the name and disabled_by value to each entry.

  • Changing the first line of each entry will change the entity_id of the entity throughout Home Assistant.

  • The value of name will override the friendly name of the entity as given by the integration.

    Added in Home Assistant 0.64.

  • The key disabled_by can either be hass or user. This functionality is even more experimental than the whole entity registry itself and might cause integrations to fail and might be removed in the future.

    Added in Home Assistant 0.64.

Supported Components

At the moment, only the following components are supported: Z-Wave, Hue, Nest, LIFX, Sonos, Apple TV