Custom Panel using React

This is a React implementation of TodoMVC but instead of checking off to do items, you are turning lights and switches on/off.

  • It uses React to render the data.
  • It hooks into Home Assistant JS which means updates pushed from the server are instantly rendered.
  • It accesses properties made available from Polymer.
  • It uses the user configuration for the integration in the configuration.yaml file for rendering.
  • It allows toggling the sidebar.

Download the source for React Starter Kit here. Copy the file to <config dir>/panels/ (you might have to create the directory if it doesn’t exist).

Create an entry for the panel in your configuration.yaml file to enable it.

  - name: react
    sidebar_title: TodoMVC
    sidebar_icon: mdi:work
    url_path: todomvc
      title: hello

This video shows the example in action.