Yesss SMS

The yessssms platform is using the Austrian mobile operator to send SMS via its web-site.

Regular charges apply and a contract or prepaid plan is needed.
Do not use this for high frequency notifications. The web-SMS page is rate limited and sending more than 45 SMS/h might get you blocked.

You can send to any number, but your phone number will appear as sender.

To enable SMS notifications in your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
    platform: yessssms
    username: YOUR_PHONE_NUMBER
    password: YOUR_PASSWORD

Configuration Variables



This is your login name (usually your phone number). Veryfy that you can use your credentials on the website.



This is the password you use to login to



This is the phone number you want to send the SMS notification to.

Verify that your credentials work on’s website. Using the wrong credentials three times in a row will get you suspended for one hour. Home Assistant will not try to login after the account has been suspended. Re-check the credentials and restart Home Assistant.