The waterfurnace component communicates with the WaterFurnace Symphony website’s WebSocket to show you many of the sensors in your system. While not an official API, this is the same backend the Symphony website is based on, and should be reasonably stable.

The sensors provided include:

  • Thermostat Setpoint
  • Thermostat Current Temp
  • Leaving Air Temp
  • Entering Water Loop Temp
  • Current Humidity
  • Current Humidity Setpoint
  • Total system power (in Watts)
  • Furnace Mode


To use Waterfurnace in your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  username: YOUR_USERNAME
  password: YOUR_PASSWORD
  unit: 0123456789AB

Configuration Variables


(string)(Required)The email address for your Symphony WaterFurnace account


(string)(Required)The password for your Symphony WaterFurnace account


(string)(Required)The unit serial number for your WaterFurnace


The WebSocket interface used by this module requires active polling, otherwise the server side shuts down the connection. By default, this polling is happening every 10 seconds. All sensors are updated during every polling cycle.

While this is communicating with a thermostat, geothermal systems operate most efficiently when setbacks are not used, and the home is kept at a constant temperature. It remains useful to collect the data from the system to understand its performance, but a full climate interface won’t be implemented.