UPS Sensor

The ups platform allows one to track deliveries by the UPS. To use this sensor, you need a My UPS Account.


To enable this sensor, add the following lines to your configuration.yaml:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: ups
    username: YOUR_USERNAME
    password: YOUR_PASSWORD

Configuration options for the UPS Sensor:

  • username (Required): The username to access the UPS My Choice service.
  • password (Required): The password for the given username.
  • name (Optional): Name the sensor.
  • scan_inverval (Optional): Minimum time interval between updates. Default is 1 hour. Supported formats:
    • scan_interval: 'HH:MM:SS'
    • scan_interval: 'HH:MM'
    • Time period dictionary, e.g.:
          # At least one of these must be specified:
          days: 0
          hours: 0
          minutes: 3
          seconds: 30
          milliseconds: 0
The UPS sensor logs into the UPS My Choice website to scrape package data. It does not use an API. Use at your own risk.
If the UPS sensor is throwing an error about not being able to login to the UPS My Choice website, it's likely because there is a new UPS Technology Agreement (UTA) preventing the scraper from accessing the package data. Login to UPS My Choice manually and accept the UTA to resolve this.