Zabbix Sensor

The zabbix sensor platform let you monitor the current count of active triggers for your Zabbix monitoring instance.

You must have the Zabbix component configured to use those sensors.


To set it up, add the following information to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: zabbix
      name: Important Hosts Trigger Count
      hostids: [10051,10081,10084]
      individual: true

Configuration Variables


(string)(Required)Specifies that this sensor is for Zabbix ‘triggers’. In the future there will be other Zabbix sensors.


(string)(Optional)Allows you to specify the name for the Sensor, otherwise the host name, as stored in Zabbix, is used. This is useful when you are specifying a list of hostids to monitor as a single count.


(string)(Optional)This is a list of Zabbix hostids that we want to filter our count on.


(boolean)(Optional)A ‘true’/’false’ to specify whether we should show individual sensors when a list of hostids is provided. If false, the sensor state will be the count of all triggers for the specified hosts (or all hosts within the Zabbix instance, if hostids isn’t provided).