The Things Network Sensor

The thethingsnetwork sensor platform allows you to get data from a The Things Network Storage Integration.

This platform requires that the The Things Network component is set up and the The Things Network Storage Integration as well.


Visit the The Things Network Console website, log in with your The Things Network credentials, choose your application from Applications and go to Integrations.

Add a new integration.

Add a The Things Network integration

Select Data Storage.

Choose a The Things Network integration

Click Add integration to finish the process.

Add a The Things Network Data Storage integration

When done, the status of the integration should be Running. You could check the output after clicking on go to platform in an interactive web interface.

Add a The Things Network integration

Select Devices to get the ID of your device that you want to use.

Devices overview


To enable this platform, add the following lines to your configuration.yaml:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: thethingsnetwork
    device_id: ha-demo
      sensor_value: unit of measurement
      voltage: V

Configuration Variables


(string)(Required)The ID of the device.


(list)(Required)The sensor values with their unit of measurement