Nederlandse Spoorwegen

This sensor will provide you with time table information of the Nederlandse Spoorwegen train service in the Netherlands.

You must create an application here to obtain a password.

Add the data to your configuration.yaml file as shown in the example:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
- platform: nederlandse_spoorwegen
  password: !secret ns_password
    - name: Rotterdam-Amsterdam
      from: Rtd
      to: Asd
    - name: Groningen-Zwolle-Maastricht
      from: Gn
      to: Mt
      via: Zl

Configuration variables:

  • email (Required): The email address you used to request the API password.
  • password (Required): The API password provided by the Nederlandse Spoorwegen.
  • routes array (Required): List of traveling routes.
    • name (Required): Name of the route.
    • from (Required): The start station.
    • to (Required): Direction of the traveling.
    • via (Optional): Optional other station you wish to visit in between.

The data are coming from Nederlandse Spoorwegen.

Station codes must be used and can be looked up here.