Met Office Sensor

The metoffice sensor platform uses the Met Office’s DataPoint API for weather data.

  • Each sensor will be given the device_id of “Met Office [condition]” if name: is not set.
  • The sensor checks for new data every minute, starting 30 minutes after the timestamp of the most recent data as the data is updated every half hour.

To add the Met Office weather to your installation you’ll need to register for a free api key at the link above and then add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: metoffice
    api_key: YOUR_API_KEY
      - weather
      - temperature
      - feels_like_temperature
      - wind_speed
      - wind_direction
      - wind_gust
      - visibility
      - visibility_distance
      - uv
      - precipitation
      - humidity

Your location will be detected from your home latitude and longitude settings.

Configuration variables:

  • api_key (Required): Your personal API key from the Datapoint website.
  • name (Optional): Additional name for the sensors. Default to platform name.
  • latitude (Optional): Latitude coordinate to monitor weather of (required if longitude is specified), defaults to coordinates defined in your configuration.yaml.
  • longitude (Optional): Longitude coordinate to monitor weather of (required if latitude is specified), defaults to coordinates defined in your configuration.yaml.
  • monitored_conditions array (Required): Conditions to display in the frontend.
    • weather: A human-readable text summary of the current conditions.
    • temperature: The current temperature.
    • feels_like_temperature: A numerical value representing the apparent (or “feels like”) temperature.
    • wind_speed: The wind speed.
    • wind_direction: Where the wind is coming from.
    • wind_gust: If there are wind gusts.
    • visibility: The average visibility.
    • visibility_distance: The visibility distance.
    • uv: The UV index.
    • precipitation: The average expected intensity of precipitation occurring.
    • humidity: The relative humidity.

This sensor is an alternative to the metoffice weather platform. The weather platform is easier to configure but less customizable.