Integrate your Hydro-Québec consumption profile information into Home Assistant.

Breaking change: Since Home Assistant v0.40, contract attribute is required.

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: hydroquebec
    username: MYUSERNAME
    password: MYPASSWORD
    contract: '123456789'
     - period_total_bill
     - period_length
     - period_total_days

Configuration variables:

  • username (Required): Username used to log into the Hydro-Québec site.
  • password (Required): Password used to log into the Hydro-Québec site.
  • contract (required since HA 4.0) Your contract number with Hydro-Québec
  • monitored_variables array (Required): Variables to monitor.
    • balance : Current balance
    • period_total_bill : Current period bill
    • period_length: Current period length
    • period_total_days: Total number of days in this period
    • period_mean_daily_bill: Period daily average bill
    • period_mean_daily_consumption: Period daily average consumption
    • period_total_consumption: Total Consumption
    • period_lower_price_consumption: Period Lower price consumption
    • period_higher_price_consumption: Period Higher price consumption
    • period_average_temperature: Period Average temperature
    • yesterday_total_consumption: Yesterday total consumption
    • yesterday_lower_price_consumption: Yesterday lower price consumption
    • yesterday_higher_price_consumption: Yesterday higher price consumption
    • yesterday_average_temperature: Yesterday Average temperature

To find your contract id, go to the Hydro-Québec website and connect to your account. On the main page your can see your contract IDs. It should be something like: “Contract 1234 56789”. You just have to keep numbers and remove the space.

Multi contracts accounts are supported only from Home Assistant v0.40.