Arlo Sensor

To get your Arlo sensors working within Home Assistant, please follow the instructions for the general Arlo component.

This platform does not support Arlo Q.


Once you have enabled the Arlo component, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: arlo
      - captured_today
      - last_capture
      - total_cameras
      - battery_level
      - signal_strength

Additionally, for Arlo Baby cameras that have additional sensors, you can add them to the monitored_conditions collection:

# Additional sensors available for Arlo Baby cameras
  - platform: arlo
      # ...
      - temperature
      - humidity
      - air_quality

Configuration variables:

  • monitored_conditions array (Optional): Conditions to display in the frontend. The following conditions can be monitored.
    • captured_today: Return the number of videos captured on the current day.
    • last_capture: Return the timestamp from the last video captured by your Arlo camera.
    • total_cameras: Return the number of recognized and active cameras linked on your Arlo account.
    • battery_level: Return the battery level of your Arlo camera.
    • signal_strength: Return the wireless signal strength of your Arlo camera.
    • temperature: Return the ambient temperature detected by your Arlo Baby camera.
    • humidity: Return the ambient relative humidity detected by your Arlo Baby camera.
    • air_quality: Return the ambient air quality (a reading of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in parts per million) detected by your Arlo Baby camera.

If no monitored_conditions are specified, all of above will be enabled by default.