PiFace Digital I/O

The rpi_pfio component is the base for all related PiFace Digital I/O (PFIO) platforms in Home Assistant. There is no setup needed for the component itself; for the platforms, please check their corresponding pages.

Set the jumpers on the PiFace board for address 0 (JP1: 1-2, JP2: 1-2).

Use with HassOS

Note that the PiFace Digital 2 uses the Raspberry Pi SPI port, which is disabled by default when using HassOS. When using HassOS, you must mount the SD card on another computer and access the boot partition on the card. Edit the config.txt file and add the line dtparam=spi=on to the end. This should enable SPI when HassOS is booted and allow Home Assistant to access the PiFace Digital 2 board.