The firetv platform allows you to control a Amazon Fire TV/stick.

The python-firetv Python 2.x module with its helper script that exposes an HTTP server to fetch state and perform actions is used.

Steps to configure your Amazon Fire TV stick with Home Assistant:

  • Turn on ADB Debugging on your Amazon Fire TV:
    • From the main (Launcher) screen, select Settings.
    • Select System > Developer Options.
    • Select ADB Debugging.
  • Find Amazon Fire TV device IP:
    • From the main (Launcher) screen, select Settings.
    • Select System > About > Network.
  • The following commands must be run in a Python 2.x environment. They will allow the component to function in an Ubuntu 16.04/Hassbian environment.
    • apt-get install swig libssl-dev python-dev libusb-1.0-0 python-yaml
    • pip install flask
    • pip install
    • pip install firetv[firetv-server]
  • firetv-server -d <fire tv device IP>:5555, background the process
  • Navigate to http://localhost:5556/devices/list
    • You will get an output similar to below:
      "devices": {
      "default": {
        "host": "", 
        "state": "play"
  • The "default" above is the device name you will need to use for your configuration.yaml
  • Configure Home Assistant as follows:

To add FireTV to your installation, Note your device name, and add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: firetv

Configuration Variables


(string)(Optional)The host where firetv-server is running.

Default value: localhost


(integer)(Optional)The port where firetv-server is running.

Default value: 5556


(string)(Optional)The device ID.

Default value: default


(string)(Optional)The friendly name of the device.

Default value: Amazon Fire TV

Note that python-firetv has support for multiple Amazon Fire TV devices. If you have more than one configured, be sure to specify the device ID in device. Run firetv-server -h and/or view the source for complete capabilities.