Zigbee Light

A Zigbee light in this context is a light connected to one of the digital output pins on a Zigbee module. It can simply be switched on and off. By default, a light is considered on when the Zigbee device’s digital output is held high and considered off when it is held low. This behavior can be inverted by setting the on_state configuration variable to low.

To configure a digital output pin as light, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

  - name: Desk Lamp
    platform: zigbee
    pin: 0

Configuration Variables


(string)(Required)The name you would like to give the light in Home Assistant.


(integer)(Required)The number identifying which pin to use.


(string)(Optional)The long 64-bit address of the remote Zigbee device whose digital output pin you would like to switch. Do not include this variable if you want to switch the local Zigbee device’s pins.


(string)(Optional)Either high or low, depicting whether the digital output pin is pulled high or low when the light is turned on.

Default value: high