KWB Easyfire Sensor

The kwb component integrates the sensors of KWB Easyfire pellet central heating units with the Comfort3 controller ( into Home Assistant.

Direct connection via serial (RS485) or via telnet terminal server is supported. The serial cable has to be attached to the control unit port 25 (which is normally used for detached control terminals).

Since this serial protocol is proprietary and closed, only most temperature sensors and a few control relays are supported, the rest is still WIP (see

Direct connection via serial port:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
- platform: kwb
    name: kwb
    device: "/dev/ttyUSB0"
    type: serial
    raw: false

Telnet terminal server with a serial-ethernet converter:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: kwb
    name: kwb
    host: <ip>
    port: 23
    type: tcp
    raw: false

Take a good look at which configuration variables are for TCP use or for serial use.

Configuration Variables


(boolean)(Optional)Should the raw serial output be shown as a sensor.

Default value: false


(string)(Optional)The name of the device used in the frontend.

Default value: KWB


(string)(Required)(For serial use) The serial device of the machine.


(string)(Required)(For tcp use) The IP-address of the serial server.


(integer)(Required)(For tcp use) The TCP-port of the serial server.


(string)(Required)Type of sensor, you can choose between: serial and tcp.