Belkin WeMo (Holmes) Smart Humidifier

The wemo platform allows you to control your Belkin WeMo humidifiers from within Home Assistant. This includes support for the Holmes Smart Humidifier.

They will be automatically discovered if the discovery component is enabled.

For more configuration information, see the WeMo component documentation.


There are several attributes which can be used for automations and templates.

Attribute Description
current_humidity An integer that indicates the current relative humidity percentage of the room, as determined by the device’s onboard humidity sensor.
target_humidity An integer that indicates the desired relative humidity percentage (this is constrained to the humidity settings of the device, which are 45, 50, 55, 60, and 100).
fan_mode String that indicates the current fan speed setting, as reported by the WeMo humidifier.
water level String that indicates whether the water level is Good, Low, or Empty.
filter_life The used life of the filter (as a percentage).
filter_expired A boolean that indicates whether the filter has expired and needs to be replaced.


There are several services which can be used for automations and control of the humidifier.

Service Description
set_speed Calling this service sets the fan speed (entity_id and speed are required parameters, and speed must be one of the following: off, low, medium, or high). When selecting low for the speed, this will map to the WeMo humidifier speed of minimum. When selecting high for the speed, this will map to the WeMo humidifier speed of maximum. The WeMo humidifier speeds of low and high are unused due to constraints on which fan speeds Home Assistant supports.
wemo_set_humidity Calling this service will set the desired relative humidity setting on the device (entity_id is an optional list of entities to set humidity on (omitting this list will set humidity on all WeMo Humidifiers), and target_humidity is a required float value between 0 and 100 (this value will be rounded down and mapped to one of the valid desired humidity settings of 45, 50, 55, 60, or 100 that are supported by the WeMo humidifier)).
turn_on Calling this service will turn the humidifier on and set the speed to the last used speed (defaults to medium, entity_id is required).
turn_off Calling this service will turn the humidifier off (entity_id is required).
toggle Calling this service will toggle the humidifier between on and off states.