Minut Point Binary Sensor

Each Point exposes the following binary sensors:

  • battery: On means low, Off means normal
  • button_press: On means the button was pressed, Off means normal
  • cold: On means cold, Off means normal
  • connectivity: On means connected, Off means disconnected
  • dry: On means too dry, Off means normal
  • heat: On means hot, Off means normal
  • light: On means light detected, Off means no light
  • moisture: On means moisture detected (wet), Off means no moisture (dry)
  • motion: On means motion detected, Off means no motion (clear)
  • sound: On means sound detected, Off means no sound (clear)
  • tamper: On means the point was removed or attached

For installation instructions, see the Point component.

The events sent from the Point is also sent as a webhook back to Home Assistant with event_type as point_webhook_received, please consider the documentation for the IFTT component on how to write automations for webhooks.