Pilight Binary Sensor

The pilight binary sensor platform implement the pilight hub binary sensor functionality. Two type of Pilight binary sensor configuration available. A normal sensor which send the on and off state cyclical and a trigger sensor which send only a trigger when an event happened (for example lots of cheap PIR motion detector).

To enable a Pilight binary sensor in your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: pilight
    variable: 'state'

Configuration variables:

  • variable (Required): The variable name in the data stream that defines the sensor value.
  • payload (Required): Message payload identifiers. Only if all identifiers are matched the sensor value is set.
  • name (Optional): Name of the sensor.
  • payload_on (Optional): Variable on value. The component will recognize this as logical ‘1’.
  • payload_off (Optional): Variable off value. The component will recognize this as logical ‘0’.
  • disarm_after_trigger: (Optional): Configure sensor as trigger type.
  • reset_delay_sec (Optional): Seconds before the sensor is disarmed if disarm_after_trigger is set to true. Default is 30 seconds.

A full configuration example could look like this:

# Example configuration.yml entry
  - platform: pilight
    name: 'Motion'
    variable: 'state'
      unitcode: 371399
    payload_on: 'closed'
    disarm_after_trigger: True
    reset_delay_sec: 30