Netatmo Binary Sensor

Basic Configuration

The netatmo binary sensor platform is consuming the information provided by a Netatmo camera. This component allows you to get the latest event seen by the camera.

To enable the Netatmo binary sensor, you have to set up netatmo, this will use discovery to add your binary sensor.

Advanced configuration

If you want to select a specific sensor, set discovery to False for netatmo and add the following lines to your configuration.yaml:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  platform: netatmo
  home: home_name
  timeout: 90
    - camera_name1
    - Someone known
    - Someone unknown
    - Motion
    - Outdoor motion
    - Outdoor human
    - Outdoor animal
    - Outdoor vehicle

Configuration variables:

  • home (Optional): Will use the cameras of this home only.
  • timeout (Optional): The Welcome/Presence binary sensors will stay on for X seconds after detection. (default: 90)
  • cameras array (Optional): Cameras to use. Multiple entities allowed.
    • ‘camera_name’: Name of the camera to display.
  • welcome_sensors array (Optional): List of monitored conditions.
    • ‘Someone known’
    • ‘Someone unknown’
    • ‘Motion’
  • presence_sensors array (Optional): List of monitored conditions.
    • ‘Outdoor motion’
    • ‘Outdoor human’
    • ‘Outdoor animal’
    • ‘Outdoor vehicle’

If home and cameras is not provided, all cameras will be used. If multiple cameras are available then each monitored conditions will create a specific sensor for each camera