BeagleBone Black GPIO Binary Sensor

The bbb_gpio binary sensor platform allows you to read sensor values of the GPIOs of your BeagleBone Black.


To use your BeagleBone Black’s GPIO in your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: bbb_gpio
        name: Door
        name: Window

Configuration variables:

  • pins array (Required): Array of used pins.
    • pin_name (Required): Pin numbers and corresponding names.
      • name (Required): Friendly name to use for the frontend.
      • bouncetime (Optional): Debounce time for reading input pin defined in milliseconds [ms]. Defaults to 50 ms.
      • invert_logic (Optional): If true, inverts the input logic to ACTIVE LOW. Default is false (ACTIVE HIGH).
      • pull_mode (Optional): Type of internal pull resistor connected to input. Options are UP - pull-up resistor and DOWN - pull-down resistor. Defaults to UP.

For more details about the GPIO layout, visit the article about the BeagleBone Black.