This addon allows you to set up a Samba server to access folders using Windows network shares.

  "name": "hassio",
  "workgroup": "WORKGROUP",
  "guest": true,
  "map": {
    "config": true,
    "addons": true,
    "share": true,
    "backup": true,
    "ssl": false
  "username": "",
  "password": "",
  "interface": "eth0",
  "allow_hosts": [

Configuration variables:

  • name (Optional): Set netbios name of device. Default is hassio.
  • workgroup (Optional): Set network workgroup name. Default is WORKGROUP.
  • guest (Optional): Allow login without a username or password. Default is true.
  • map (Optional): Control which folders will be exposed. config shares the Home Assistant configuration folder. addons shares the local custom repository. share shares a folder that can be accessed by add-ons and Home Assistant. backup shares access to snapshot files. ssl shares certificate storage. Be careful with the ssl option! Defaults are all set to true, except for ssl.
  • username (Optional): Username for logging in if guest login is not used.
  • password (Optional): Password for username. An empty password is not supported.
  • interface (Optional): Interface that will start the share. Normally this is eth0 for ethernet wired connection and wlan0 for wireless connection. If you are running on an Intel NUC this could also be enp3s0 for ethernet or wlp5s0 for wireless connection.
  • allow_hosts (Optional): The hosts that are allowed to connect to your Samba server. By default it is limited to people within the same local network.

Be careful when setting up port forwarding to the remote access. If you don’t restrict access by requiring authentication and guest access is enabled, your configuration could be exposed to the internet!