This add-on allows you to set up a Samba server to access folders using Windows network shares.

Be careful when setting up port forwarding for remote access. If you don’t restrict access by setting a username and strong password, your configuration could be exposed to the entire Internet!

  "workgroup": "WORKGROUP",
  "username": "",
  "password": "",
  "interface": "eth0",
  "allow_hosts": [

Configuration Variables


(string)(Optional)Set network workgroup name.

Default value: `WORKGROUP`


(string)(Required)Username for logging in.


(string)(Required)Password for `username`. An empty password is not supported.


(string)(Optional)Interface that will start the share. Normally this is `eth0` for ethernet wired connection and `wlan0` for wireless connection. If you are running on an Intel NUC this could also be `enp3s0` for ethernet or `wlp5s0` for wireless connection.


(list)(Optional)The hosts that are allowed to connect to your Samba server. By default it is limited to people within the same local network.

Default value: `["", "", ""]`