Set up a HomeMatic hardware layer. For learning and handling devices use Homematic-Manager > 2.0.

The logic layer will be Home Assistant. There is no ReGa or other logic layer installed. You can’t import an existing configuration, you’ll need re-learn it into Home Assistant.

Follow devices will be supported and tested:

  "rf_enable": true,
  "rf": [
      "type": "CCU2",
      "device": "/dev/ttyAMA0"
  "wired_enable": false,
  "wired": [
      "serial": "xy",
      "key": "abc",
      "ip": ""

Configuration variables:

  • rf_enable (Required): Boolean. Enable or disable BidCoS-RF.
  • wired_enable (Required): Boolean. Enable or disable BidCoS-Wired.

For RF devices:

  • type (Required): Device type for RFD service. Look into the manual of your device.
  • device (Required): Device on the host.

For wired devices:

  • serial (Required): Serial number of the device.
  • key (Required): Encrypted key.
  • ip (Required): IP address of LAN gateway.

Home Assistant configuration

Use the following configuration in Home Assistant to use it:

      host: core-homematic
      port: 2001

Raspberry Pi3

With HM-MOD-RPI-PCB you need to add follow into your config.txt on boot partition: