GIT pull

Load and update configuration files for Home Assistant from a GIT repository.

  "repository": "",
  "auto_restart": false,
  "repeat": {
    "active": false,
    "interval": 300
  "deployment_key": [
  "deployment_key_protocol": "rsa"
  • repository (Required): GIT url to your repository. You have to add .git to your GITHub-Repository-URL (see example Config)
  • auto_restart (Optional): Make a restart of Home-Assistant if the config have change and is valid.
  • repeat/active (Optional): Pull periodic for GIT updates.
  • repeat/interval (Optional): Pull all x seconds and look for changes.
  • deployment_user (Optional): Username to use when authenticating to a repo with a username and password.
  • deployment_password (Optional): Password to use when authenticating to a repo. Ignored if deployment_user is not set.
  • deployment_key (Optional): A private SSH key that will be used for communication during git operations. This key is mandatory for ssh-accessed repositories, which are the ones with the following pattern: <user>@<host>:<repository path>.
  • deployment_key_protocol (Optional): The key protocol. Default is “rsa”. Valid protocols are:

    • dsa
    • ecdsa
    • ed25519
    • rsa

The protocol is typically known by the suffix of the private key –e.g., a key file named id_rsa will be a private key using “rsa” protocol.

You should only use this add-on if you do not have an existing configuration or if your existing configuration is already in a git repository. If the script does not find the necessary git files in your configuration folder, it will delete anything that might be there. Please ensure that there is a .git folder before using this. You can verify this by listing the items in the configuration folder including hidden files. The command is ls -a /config.