DHCP server

Create a simple DHCP server for your network and allow setting fixed IPs for devices.

  "domain": "mynetwork.local",
  "dns": ["", ""],
  "networks": [
      "subnet": "",
      "netmask": "",
      "range_start": "",
      "range_end": "",
      "broadcast": "",
      "gateway": "",
      "interface": "eth0"
  "hosts": [
      "name": "webcam_xy",
      "mac": "aa:bb:ee:cc",
      "ip": ""

Configuration variables:

  • domain (Required): Your network domain name.
  • dns (Required): A list of DNS server for your network.
  • networks (Optional): A list of network to provide DHCP.  - subnet (Required): Your network schema.  - netmask (Required): Your network netmask.  - range_start (Required): Start address for dhcp leases.  - range_end (Required): End address for dhcp leases.  - broadcast (Required): Network broadcast address.  - gateway (Required): A List of gateways.
    • interface (Required): Interface on that will be listen. Normally is eth0 for ethernet wired connection and wlan0 for wireless connection.
  • hosts (Optional): A list of fixed IPs for devices.
    • name (Required): Name/hostname of your device.  - mac (Required): Mac address of your device.  - ip (Required): Fix ip address for device.